“Wise Guyer”: MA state rep plans CDC with agricultural focus

Denis Guyer, a state representative from Western Massachusetts (2nd Berkshire District) plans a community development corporation (CDC) that will foster “agrepreneurs.” The proposed mixed-use space would include a combination of affordable housing, a cooperative food processing facility, retail space for that food, CSA restaurant and a winter farmers’ market. iBerkshires.com.

One Responseto ““Wise Guyer”: MA state rep plans CDC with agricultural focus”

  1. Back to the village. Great idea but modern people want it to be picturesque and don’t tend to like the reality of country and farm life. We have dirt roads, pot holes, the snow doesn’t get plowed in time for them, manure needs to be stock piled and then spread on the fields, animals call out to each other in the fields, trees get cut, views change. When city people come to the country they often complain about the weirdest things. But this is the reality. Their low slung car is not going to make it in mud season.

    I hope he succeeds and brings people closer to food, growing it, raising animals, processing it. This is real life. People need to know that reality doesn’t come plastic wrapped.