Chicago drugstores begin selling fresh food

Rx for health: Chicago-area Walgreens have begun selling “an expanded selection of food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, at 10 locations selected because they were in food deserts.” Turns out that drugstores are one of the few chain businesses operating in the low-income areas that lack access to fresh food. And since they’re already there, they don’t have much to lose by adding a few items, even ones that might spoil. Walgreens says the experiment is going well enough that other neighborhoods have begun asking their stores when the food is coming. (New York Times)

3 Responsesto “Chicago drugstores begin selling fresh food”

  1. It’s an appropriate metaphor for how we SHOULD treat food, as medicine. The healthiest foods should be kept in a drug store.

    Then, you can go to the regular grocery store, buy corn-injected chicken to eventually make you sick, and have to return to the drug store.

    Extremely ironic! The drug stores are turning into food stores, and the food stores are turning into drug stores. Too much!

    As Michael Pollan says, \Learn to cook and you have power over food choices\.

    Chef Todd Mohr

  2. Carole Fenn says:

    I’m glad Walgreen’s is stepping up to provide this service since the grocery chains aren’t moving in there. Kudos to Walgreens! Everyone should have access to healthy food. One solution is to teach people to grow food where they are. For example, the Dept. of Housing and Urban Dev. should make sure any new housing developments incorporate space for Square Foot Gardens for residents and work with the local farming communities to teach people to do the gardening. All schools should have Square Foot Gardens to teach the whole school community from principals, to teachers, to parents, and kids about gardening. You could add community courses on canning,preserving, drying, root cellaring etc., Also, the government could provide incentives to grocery stores and clinics that move to high needs areas.

  3. Jenn Brigole says:

    I hope a lot more has followed with this approach especially in areas that makes it quite a challenge to grow greens. The government definitely need to take a close look at this and shoulder necessary support. Education too needs to take it up a notch and educate children the best way to instill in their young minds that vegetables and fruits are delicious, AND sports are fun.