Meet Roll International, the biggest dastardly agribiz mega-corps you’ve never heard of

Pom not-so-wonderful at all: John Gibler’s epic, top-notch feature on Roll International – “or, as their website proclaims: ‘the largest
privately held company you’ve never heard of,’ owner of Paramount Farming, the largest grower and processor of almonds and
pistachios in the world; Paramount Citrus; Fiji Water; Suterra, a
pesticide brand; Teleflora; PomWonderful; and the Neptune Pacific Line, a
global shipping company — is a must-read. Gibler details how thanks to Roll owners Stewart and Lynda Resnick, farmworkers in the San Joaquin Valley “have effectively had their water privatized. Their communities have been left out of the major water projects. The groundwater basins have been depleted and contaminated by pesticides and nitrates from the very agribusinesses that employ them. Little to no state funding makes it to their local water systems, leaving them to buy bottled water at the store or from a vending machine.” (Earth Island Institute)

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