Farming groups resort to Machiavellian defense of indefensible practices

Spin-dustrial ag: Two dozen of the nation’s largest and best-funded farm groups have formed a coalition to counter poor publicity, reports the AP ( What are they mad about? “Videos that show male chicks being put into grinders, egg-laying hens in battery cages and the mistreatment of hogs in large confinement operations,” — you know, evidence of industrial farming’s everyday practices. (It’s all about the) money quote:

Joe Cornely, a spokesman for the Ohio Farm Bureau, said the alliance may help create more realistic expectations among consumers. “So often people advocate for a utopian world and it’s not doable,” Cornely said. “Feeding the world requires us to kick up some dirt and create a few odors. That is just a reality of producing food and fiber that may not fit in with the utopian vision. The vast majority of people are reasonable people, they just need to know that you can’t have the perfect world.”

Bullshit-calling fact check: Aside from their moral and ethical depredations, American meat and poultry production depend on highly inefficient and unsustainable method of feeding resource-intensive grain to animals, which cannot possibly be scaled up to “feed the world.”

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