About Ali

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Real name Ali Benjamin
My other blog The Cleaner Plate Club
My book Ali is the co-author of The Cleaner Plate Club: Recipes and Advice for Getting Real Kids to Love Real Food, due out in December 2010 from Storey Publishing.
E-mail me ali.wade.benjamin at gmail
Paying job I write about donkeys and cleansers and luxury yarns. And a bunch of other subjects as well.
Dream job Scrubs cast member. Shallow but true.
Favorite fruit The very first strawberry of the season, especially if it’s still warm from the sun.
Favorite vegetable The ones from my grandmother’s garden. Although she’s been gone for 25 years, I suspect my entire food fixation might be driven by a desire to return to her garden-fresh peas.
Vegetables I eat only to be polite You’ve stumped me.
Favorite dinner growing up Trix cereal, which I was allowed precisely once, when my mom was out of town (thanks, dad!)
Processed crap I can’t manage to live without Dark chocolate anything. Also, I’m helpless around Sour Patch Kids.
Most traumatic food experience A bad truck-stop banana milkshake after a pub crawl and before an all-night bus ride. ‘Nuff said.
Attitude about sell-by dates Foods have sell-by dates?
Has your food ever made anyone sick? Only the dogs (that’ll teach ‘em to counter-surf).
Food background in a nutshell 1970s – family dinners based largely on baked chicken and steamed broccoli. 1980s – microwaved Lean Cuisine frozen dinners after high school swimming and drama. 1990s – vegetarian meals paired with lots of beer. 2000s – less beer, more CSA. Around this time, I also added two kids to the mix. They far prefer junk to the stuff I make.