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I currently live in Seattle, though I grew up in rural Oregon. My grandparents had a ranch, and we ate range-grown beef and sheep when I was younger. I also took part in 4-H, and sold many a market lamb at auction at the conclusion of our county fair; unsurprisingly, I have been a carnivore my entire life, and while I understood that the vast majority of cows and sheep were no longer managed the way I remembered, I didn’t really think about it until I read Fast Food Nation. Eric Schlosser talks a great deal about the damage done by factory farming, both to the animals being raised and then slaughtered in unthinkable conditions and the people who consume the end product.

I haven’t read Omnivore’s Dilemma yet, but I did hear Michael Pollan speak at Elliot Bay Book Company last week — his comments on Big Organic were interesting, as was his contention that it’s often better to eat locally than to eat organically. I’m interested in exploring this idea further, especially the challenges of doing so in a region that has a fairly short growing season. !