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By occupation we include a freelance writer, a farmer/school lunch activist, an engineer, an activist, a nonprofit research analyst, a former newspaper reporter, a former lawyer, and a librarian. We number two active vegetarians and one former one, now a born-again carnivore. We have kids ranging from infants to college age. Our cooking abilities range from amateur to have-memorized-Julia-Child semipro. Some of us grew up eating fast food, some grew up on farms, and still others had extremely food-conscious mothers who turned us into picky eaters.

We like hearing from you … with a few caveats: We don’t review processed-food products, no matter how healthy they purportedly are, and we don’t republish press releases. The e-mail addresses below have been protected from spam with ReCaptcha image identification software; clicking the dots will ask you to ID two image-words. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  • Media requests, advertising inquiries, and guest posting: Contact editor and cofounder Bonnie Powell at

Individual team member contacts (linked names take you to writers’ bio pages):

  • Ali Benjamin (Massachusetts; feeding kids, school lunches, food safety)
  • Amanda Rose (California Hot Springs, near Sequoia National Forest, CA; organic and raw dairy, beef, food and disease):
  • Bonnie Powell aka Dairy Queen (Berkeley/Oakland, CA; stories about meat, farms, farmers, and government regulation of transgenic and cloned food):
  • Charlotte McGuinn Freeman (Livingston, MT; hunting, preserving);
  • Debra Eschmeyer (Ohio; farming, school lunches, farm-to-school)
  • Elanor Starmer (Oakland, CA; CAFOs, meat regulations, policy, activism):
  • Janet Majure (Lawrence, KS; local foods & farms, gardening, cooking);
  • Jenni Pertuset (Seattle, WA; Washington-area farms, founder of a meat CSA):
  • Jennifer M. aka Baklava Queen (Ohio; home preserving and canning, baking, farmers markets):
  • Marc Rumminger aka Mental Masala (Berkeley, CA; politics, Farm Bill info, energy costs, vegetarian cooking):
  • Stephanie Larsen (Nebraska; rural affairs, farmer healthcare, Beltway politics)
  • Stephanie Pierce (Vermont; permaculture, farming, composting)

(Cofounders and contributors on hiatus)

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