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Ethicurean name: Miss Steak
Why’d you pick that? Because I love meat, the redder the better!
Real job: Editor
Dream job: Cowboy (cf Ethicurean name, above).
Best meal ever: Masa’s 9-course tasting menu plus wine pairing, September 2005.
Favorite fruit: Pears
Favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts (cut in half and fried in butter)
Vegetable I eat only when I have to be polite: Eggplant
Favorite dinner growing up: What do you think?
Processed crap I can’t manage to live without: Horizon Organic American Cheese Slices. Shameful but true.
Sexiest food to me: Heirloom tomatoes
Most embarrassing cooking incident: This time I had six people waiting two hours for this braised flank steak thing to simmer.
Most traumatic food experience:
Being force-fed an oyster by evil uncles.
Attitude about sell-by dates: Loose guidelines. Like the US RDA for wine and martinis.
Has your cooking ever made anyone sick? Not that I know of. I’ll ask husband, Sir Loin, and get back to you.
What’s your Ethicurean philosophy?
I think that we could solve so many problems by changing the way we eat. I’m thinking about kids in class with no breakfast; a scrambled egg every morning could literally keep them out of jail later on. I’m thinking about people who require heapings of pharmaceuticals to keep their bodies together. The feedlots. The rubber industrial chickens. The corn invasion. I’m pro-fat, pro-meat, pro-dairy, pro-wine. Vegetables are good too. And I feel like we’re being lied to about the quality of our food — indeed, about the necessity of high quality food to begin with. So I want to raise awareness, both my own and others’.