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Real name Erika
Ethicurean name
Omniwhore | E-mail me
Paying job Nanny
Non-paying job Speech-Language Pathology student
Dream job Singing jazz standards in a swanky night club
Best meal ever Tapas at Cortez on my honeymoon with E. Ho in San Francisco. Mmmm. And the food was good, too. ;-)
Favorite meat Chicken!
Favorite fruit Mangos…not very local to Texas, I’m afraid
Favorite vegetable Asparagus, roasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Vegetables I eat only to be polite I’m an equal opportunity veggie eater, but I hate canned veggies, especially canned green beans
Favorite dinner growing up Salmon that Mom and Dad caught themselves in Puget Sound, with Dijon, lemon and shallots.
Processed crap I can’t manage to live without Newman’s Own dark chocolate peanut butter cups and organic sweet dark chocolate bars, Dove’s dark chocolate bars…um, I guess the answer is dark chocolate.
Sexiest food to me Tomatoes
Most embarrassing cooking incident A tofu dog casserole (okay, stop laughing) that was completely inedible because I mismeasured the hot sauce – by about a cup. Tofu dog casserole with hot sauce. I don’t know what I was thinking.
Most traumatic food experience Watching my brother throw up in his stew when he was told to take “a few more bites.” I still remember him looking up from his bowl and saying, “Can I still have cake?”
Attitude about sell-by dates I’m convinced it’s a way for companies to make money – if it is really bad, you can tell
Has your cooking ever made anyone sick? I made this peanut butter sauce and put too much vinegar in it and almost made my extremely omnivorous hubby lose his lunch, even though technically, he hadn’t eaten lunch yet. It’s the only meal he has ever refused to eat.
Food background Despite what my handle implies, I’m a relative virgin to the S/O/L/E food movement. I grew up on McDonald’s cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese with sliced hot dogs, white bread, and grape soda. I moved to Austin, Texas from Seattle about six years ago. My goal is to not only eat organically, locally, and ethically — I also want to reestablish a connection with my food. I believe that we Americans have become disassociated from many important things that impact us — our food, nature, people, our government, even our own bodies. I believe this is primarily because of the impressive effectiveness of advertising. I hate advertising. But I love people (mostly), and I love food.