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Of all the politically oriented food blogs out there, the Ethicurean is hands down my favorite. It’s listed in the “food blogs we like” category, but in case you’ve never checked it out, here’s why you should; it’s timely and smart and it doesn’t come across as self-righteous or snarky, as many other blogs of its ilk unfortunately do. The contributors take on the issues of the day and often go a bit deeper than what you might find in the newspaper. They also write about the pleasures of food. Sometimes taking a political stand also means cooking something tasty.
• “Meet the Ethicurean,” Amy Sherman, Epi Log (food blog for Gourmet and Bon Appetit editors & friends), Feb. 26, 2008

It’s informative reading, covering one man’s quest to buy raw milk to an E. coli alert.
• “The Best Blogs” (full feature not online), Real Simple magazine, March 2008

Ethicurean, a site that focuses on sustainable, organic, local and ‘ethical’ food, is…a mix of personal essays and news designed to help people who want to make good decisions about what food to eat and where to find it.
• “The New Food Inspector: You,” Jane Black, Washington Post, January 30, 2008

I love The Ethicurean because of its widespread reach in, over and through the topic of eating and what it means for us today.
• “Five Questions with the writers of the Ethicurean,” Andrew Zimmern, food writer and Travel Channel host, January 23, 2008

ETHICUREAN. It’s a new word to describe a new kind of eater – a diner whose ethical concerns take priority over epicurean whims.
• “Moving Up The Food Chain,” Veronica Ridge, Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 25, 2007

It’s impressive how consistently informative and streamlined this site has been since its inception in May 2006.
• “Good Eating: Blogs that Bite Back,” Liz Crain,, Feb. 1, 2007

The Ethicurean features food news and reviews from a socially responsible standpoint.
• “Bay Area Blogs Flourish,” Janis Mara, Oakland Tribune, Dec. 18, 2006

A new Web site for conscious eaters…
“Back to the ranch: Consumers are going to the source for pastured beef, pork, poultry and eggs,” Carol Ness, San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 20, 2006

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The Ethicurean has been referenced by more than 2,000 blogs. Among them:

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Finalist, Best Group Food Blog, Well Fed Network food blog awards 2007

Best Eco-Friendly Food Blog, Debonair magazine, Aug. 2007

• Finalist, Best Group Food Blog, Well Fed Network food blog awards 2006