Sponsorship advertising policy and rates

Updated June 1, 2010; in progress

The Ethicurean has only run sponsorship advertising as of Nov. 2009. We welcome ads for books (food politics, preserving, gardening, etc. — not so much diet books), “green living” products (furniture, clothing, housewares), and general cooking tools and gadgets. We do not accept food-related ads except from soundly SOLE farms and artisans with whom we have personal experience. This excludes most organic processed and convenience foods. We reserve the right to decline any ad that does not in some way fit in with the Ethicurean’s values and mission.

We are selling ads in a very low-tech, ad-hoc manner for the time being, as JPG images only — no Flash — on a weekly or monthly basis. We can provide sponsors with some limited click-through and impression tracking stats. We will consider pro-bono or barter ads for products or services whose values we support. Please email Ethicurean editor Bonnie Azab Powell with any questions or to place an ad.

Rates are subject to change at any time as we figure this thing out.

Sponsorship ad rates

sponsorship_zonesZone 1: Above the main featured post on the home page and on all single posts. 630 pixels wide by 56 pixels high. 1-3 weeks: $75/wk. 1 month: $275.

Zone 2: Top of the righthand column on home page and on all single posts. 240 pixels wide by 56 pixels high. 1-3 weeks: $50/wk. 1 month: $175.

Zones 3 & 4: Above Most Popular module (Zone 3) and above Recent Comments module (zone 4)  on home page only. 240 pixels wide by 56 pixels high. 1-3 weeks: $40/wk. 1 month: $150.

Ad submission

All ads must be submitted as both a layered .psd file and flattened .jpg in the correct size, with a 1-pixel black border (sizes below include border). You are responsible for designing the ad so that text and photos are legible. Ads must be submitted four calendar days before planned start date to allow for feedback on legibility, wording, and to correct any typos. If you need help with the ad design, we will  work with you to create one (either size) for an additional $50.