About the Waffler

Ethicurean name The Waffler
Why’d you pick that? I have had a lifelong practice of considering all my options longer than need be.
Real job Scribe
Dream job Jazz evangelist, followed by bookstore owner (where there’d be a swell café with jazz and great pastries)
Best meal ever Fresh seafood in an unassuming beachside restaurant where you pick your fish and its accompaniment (think lemongrass or spciy chili) in Thailand was wonderfully unexpected and spectacular. Afterward, my companions and I drank Thai whisky and played Jenga. I’ve eaten lots of other wonderful meals at fancy places, but this was special because it was low key.
Favorite fruit Blueberries
Favorite vegetable Eggplant
Favorite dinner growing up Campbell’s franks ‘n’ beans. Clearly, I was on my way to becoming a foodie.
Processed crap I can’t manage to live without Tortilla chips, though I prefer them fresh.
Sexiest food to me Mangoes
Most embarrassing cooking incident For this I have to go back to my teenage years. I was helping a friend make holiday rum balls and I went waaay overboard on the rum. It was a disaster and I never lived it down.
Attitude about sell-by dates Depends on the item in question. For a quart of milk, I’d take a hard and fast look. For a box of baking powder, I wouldn’t pay the date heed.
Has your cooking ever made anyone sick? Not that I’m aware of.